About Us


McIntosh & Associates is a call center consulting firm that focuses on customer experience and operational excellence for leading businesses worldwide.

Our professional staff leverages significant operations and consulting experience to deliver highly pragmatic, actionable solutions.

We partner with industry-leading firms to improve the services they deliver. Our clients manage call center operations supporting the full range of communication channels: telephony, web-based, social media, and traditional retail and mail services. While the majority of our clients are based in the United States, we are a global practice servicing international firms and U.S. clients with offshore operations.

Our three partners bring more than 75 years of call center operations and consulting experience to the firm. Our staff consists of full-time managing, senior, and staff consultants dedicated to providing pragmatic solutions to our diverse client base.


Centrally Located, Globally Focused

McIntosh & Associates is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our consulting team works from our Texas headquarters or home offices in Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, California, and Tennessee.

Our real-world solutions are proven to deliver a lasting competitive advantage as well as a timely ROI.



Our History

McIntosh & Associates was founded in 1997 as an independent management consulting firm by a team of consultants who previously worked together at AT Kearney.

We launched our business not with a whimper but with a bang, supporting large scale initiatives for two Fortune 100 firms in the first few months. In 1997 we also partnered with FedEx and American Airlines to launch a small networking group of non-competing market leaders to engage in real-time benchmarking on call center challenges, innovations, and emerging technologies. The invitation only group still meets twice annually with a member of the network hosting the events and McIntosh handling meeting logistics and meeting facilitation.

From our very first client project in 1997, we have focused on understanding and improving the customer experience and its role in driving customer loyalty and retention. We were early pioneers in leveraging customer feedback by correlating call handling observations to the customer’s perception of service. While project objectives may vary based on the client or the industry, we still maintain that consistent customer focus today, ensuring that our recommendations and solutions are aligned with the client’s customer experience strategy and will therefore enhance, rather than erode, their critical customer relationships.

Executive Team

Beverly McIntosh
President and Managing Partner

Beverly McIntosh began her call center career in 1977 with American Airlines. In her 17 years with American, she managed …

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Mandy Harshman

Mandy Harshman began her call center career at EDS as a Marketing Specialist in the Customer Service …

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Richard Siler

Richard Siler began his call center career with American Airlines’ outsourcing subsidiary providing budget and …

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6 Reasons to work with us.


Reason One

While other firms may provide broader management consulting services, we focus exclusively on call center operations across multiple customer channels (live agent voice, web, mobile, email, chat, social, etc.).


Reason Two

Our practice is not a coalition of independent consultants, but a fully staffed consulting firm certified as a woman-owned business. We’ve spent more than 18 years working together and leverage a shared knowledge and experience base.


Reason Three

We don’t bring single industry or single employer experience to our engagements but rather a diversity of call center operational and consulting backgrounds.


Reason Four

We’re vendor agnostic and have no agreements with or allegiances to any technology providers or call center outsourcers. Our only agenda is the accomplishment of our client’s specific project goals.


Reason Five

Our recommendations are pragmatic and actionable, going beyond high-level conceptual strategies and addressing actual call center operational tactics.


Reason Six

We generate excellent client loyalty as demonstrated by the fact that all of our clients have worked with us on multiple projects; their loyalty is evident in their continued use of our services.

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