Extending lean concepts to manufacturing call center operations.

Manufacturing pioneered the use of robotics and has continued to develop innovative approaches to reducing costs while improving product quality. Whether addressing distribution networks, measuring end-customer satisfaction and loyalty, or seeking incremental improvements in call center operations, McIntosh has the ability to deliver pragmatic consulting results that are cost-conscious and customer focused.

Our experience within this sector:


Durable Goods

Consumer Goods


Operational Delivery

Sourcing customer care operations.

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Driving customer loyalty in the automotive industry.

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Durable & Consumer Goods

Supporting product quality through actionable insights.

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Recent experience within this sector:

  • McIntosh conducts operational assessments leveraging McIntosh’s proprietary Best Practices Framework and cross-industry experience to deliver a wide range of pragmatic recommendations. Based on the client’s requirements and the maturity of contact center operations, McIntosh may propose process improvements accompanied by cost/benefit analysis, tool enhancements with accompanying capital MIRR analysis, forecasting and resource planning methodology, project and implementation management, and performance management design, training, and mentoring.
  • For multiple firms we have recommended physical and/or virtual consolidation of inefficient regional operations into centralized planning and support services. We have managed site closures, new site implementations, existing site expansions, and outsourcing implementations as part of an operational delivery or consolidation plan. We understand the full range of issues to be addressed during consolidation including change management, communications, technology and infrastructure, process, recruiting or reorganizations, training, and performance management.
  • We have worked with clients expanding to new geographies and have worked extensively in Central/South America as well as the APAC region. We have developed both captive and outsourced strategies designed to capture the lower cost structure of near-shore markets serving local customers and US based customers.
  • We have evaluated workforce management (WFM) processes and tools delivering pragmatic recommendations for centralized planning and intra-day management of a virtual workforce.
  • We have designed, administered, and analyzed customer surveys identifying opportunities to enhance the customer experience and improve internal processes. We ensure that objective customer data is translated into customer focused metrics and aligned with other scorecard metrics and measurements tools/processes. We prefer the use of customer survey data to the more common but subjective call assessments.
  • We have worked with manufacturing clients to improve self-service and IVR scripting and thus increase self-service completion rates. When working with IVR platforms we seek to also minimize transfers by reducing script complexity. We have worked with both DTMF and voice enabled platforms based on client requirements and capabilities.
  • For a PC manufacturer, we designed a troubleshooting decision tree that became the desktop tool of choice for new hires and for experienced agents struggling with changes in the product set. Senior leadership handled live calls using the tool to demonstrate its ease of use and simplicity. This tool later became the basis for IVR self-service functionality for a limited set of issues. For the same client, McIntosh developed and delivered reality based soft skills training designed to enhance the customer experience and shorten transaction times. We also developed and implemented call quality and email monitoring guidelines that were included in the organization’s operational scorecard.
  • For multiple clients, McIntosh has conducted telephony assessments evaluating premise vs. hosted or cloud based platforms for VoIP call delivery and reporting.

Industry Insight:

Paying Extra for Service

The automotive industry has successfully leveraged customer survey data for product, dealership, and service insights. While sometimes excessive with local dealers rushing to preempt corporate surveys, the customer focus is excellent.

However, more interesting is the industry’s ability to provide levels of live agent support to owners that were not realistic a decade or more ago. Concierge services have evolved from basic navigation and emergency voice support and provide differentiation for shoppers comparing options.

These fee based services are evidence that, for the right services, customers will pay extra.

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