We leverage contact center best practices to guide utility companies through turbulent times.

Utility clients are migrating from the traditional, captive customer base business model to a new model driven by the realities of deregulation, environmentalism, and increased competitive intensity.

Our experience within this sector:

Electric Utility



Waste Removal



Sourcing talent, technology, and services for the industry.

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Performance Management

Leveraging training, process, & tools to deliver service.

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Self-Service Automation

Customers prefer convenient and frictionless self-service.

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Recent experience within this sector:

  • McIntosh has worked with the nation’s leading major waste management providers and understands the challenges facing the sector. Our work includes operational call center audits (local/regional operations), consolidation analysis, technology implementation support, and sales compensation planning. We believe the waste management sector affords significant opportunities improving the customer experience while also improving efficiency and lowering costs.
  • Provided multi-site leadership for outsourced and internally managed utility call centers with responsibility for performance management for both internal and vendor managed operations.
  • Defined business processes and supported the launch of a new entrant in a recently deregulated utility market.
  • For a major US electric utility, McIntosh conducted an operational assessment designed to evaluate the benefits/risks of consolidating from a local/regional model to a more virtual model sharing calls across state boundaries. In addition to the consolidation assessment, McIntosh worked with this client to develop service to sales training, design a customer focused quality assurance process, and designed and implemented business sales programs supported by desktop functionality.
  • For a major US electric utility, McIntosh has managed multiple RFP engagements supporting the selection of outsourced call center services. We have also designed the firm’s intra-day management function, designed the skill set routing plan, and managed the RFP for selection of a speech analytics vendor.

Industry Insight:

Leveraged Services

Electric utilities have leveraged hosted services to deliver proactive outage communications and keep customers informed during storm related outages.

The expansion of proactive services to provide additional self-service options represents a significant opportunity to drive costs down while standardizing service.

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