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Actionable Analytics

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Recent experience within this sector:

  • Contact center sourcing to include RFP management, contract negotiation, implementation support, and staff augmentation at the offshore vendor locations.  Geographic focus across multiple clients include US based operations, Canadian operations, and call center operations in the Philippines, India, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic.
  • Performance management training design and delivery for front-line supervisors and first level managers. Training was delivered for US based and offshore locations supporting broadband and telephony platforms. Over sixteen sites were trained for a single client with multiple business lines.
  • Diagnostic script design and call flow modeling (hardware support, four locations) with the diagnostic script incorporated into the desktop application.  An abbreviated version was provided for tenured agents while new hires had a more extensive, step-by-step version to follow.
  • Call flow automation for four call centers delivering hardware service support for fee.  The automated agent call flow was leveraged on the website and became the foundation for the self-service diagnostic used by customers seeking online support.
  • Quality assurance process design and implementation (software and hardware support) leveraging call observations and extensive surveys to define and incorporate the voice of the customer in the final quality monitoring guidelines.
  • Customer satisfaction survey management, both voice and email, measuring customer satisfaction with hardware support, broadband access, and hosted services.
  • Operational assessments evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of call center operations supporting hardware sales and service.
  • For a major ITO, provided sales support for help desk design and implementation.
  • For a major ITO, completed the research and developed the business plan and go-to-market for hosted technology services supporting call center operations (e.g., Intra-day Management Command Center, KMS Design and Implementation, Call Segmentation and Routing Strategy, and Reporting including scorecard from agent through site and functional levels).

Industry Insight:

Captive Customers May Soon Be Freed

Technology support centers operate under the antiquated notion that a captive customer base has lower service expectations than do customers who have the ability to switch providers with ease.

As barriers to entry continue to fall, devices and applications proliferate and competition becomes more intense, customers will have more options thereby increasing churn. If customers are to be retained, it is critical for technology firms to refocus and deliver a customer experience that matches or exceeds the dazzle of the technology they market. Mobility is the model for the future and customers will become more mobile rejecting suppliers who treat them as prisoners rather than assets.

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