Intra Day Management

Intra Day Management

The Intra-Day Management organization monitors all contact activity and agent productivity, comparing forecasted workload to actual workload received and modifies any near-term forecasts based on unanticipated changes to workload volumes.

Its overriding function is to ensure the network operates effectively to meet service level goals balanced with agent occupancy and utilization. It accomplishes this mission by constantly monitoring site level performance and agent utilization, making adjustments to staffing levels as conditions warrant (add/decrease equivalent agent resources).

The Intra-Day Management team also monitors the routing platform and identifies and reports any technical or routing issues. Finally, the Intra-Day Management team also acts as the central planning and communication conduit for disaster recovery and execution.

Intra-Day Team ActivitiesListed below are the primary activities for the Intra-Day Management team:· Modify and communicate changes to the three-week forecast when inside of three to seven days· Monitor, report, and track contact delivery system issues on a real-time basis· Balance service level and productivity objectives through active management of site resources (e.g., cancellation of off-phone activities or solicitation of overtime during high volume periods, offering of time off in lower than expected workload conditions)·

Serve as call center Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for notifications of events affecting call center operations· Track to resolution call center events and escalations affecting service level performanceGenerally the Intra-Day Management Team is a centralized function that has an open line and constant communication with site call center operations. Conditions for reducing or increasing agent resources are clearly defined and documented. Decisions made to increase or reduce agent resources are communicated to the field with the sites responsible for executing on the decision (e.g., if time off is to be offered, sites would be notified of the number of agents who could obtain an early release and the hours in which the reduction headcount is needed; the site would decide which agents to release generally on a first in/first out request basis).